Bringing joy and positivity

Welcome. Here you will find resources and artwork from Artist Lucy Joy and my podcast The Joy Filled Cup which focuses on helping you make a habit of finding Joy and creativity everyday.

It takes a conscious decision to stop rushing and start living.

Original one off art work

Original oneliners by LucyJoyArtist
I have added some Original artwork to my Etsy

Encouragement cards

Set of encouragement cards by LucyJoyArtist
Set of three encouragement cards created by Lucy Joy – for those times when you just want to show you’re thinking of someone

Downloadable wall art and journaling

Time for you Journal cards created by mindful christian artist Lucy Joy
’Time For You’ downloadable journal cards to help find time for self care and to create a more mindful life. By artist Lucy Joy

art created using one continual line


LucyJoyArtist - one line art -cactus
Lucy Joy Artist – creates mindful art and Oneliners using one continual line.

Do you ever feel like you are running around busy but don’t have time to stop? Or notice that you rarely get a moment of silence in your day? I did and that is why I have started both making and then sharing my art and helpful ideas. It’s so true that the thing you look for is the thing you find, so will you join me in looking for the joy in every day?

Wall art and journaling pages


Artist Lucy Joy mindful artist - changing the world one act of kindness at a time
Lucy Joy artist – hand lettered inspiring artwork and journaling page ready to download from Etsy. Finding ways to live more mindfully

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Free downloads

Mindful colouring, journaling and gratitude projects.

LucyJoyArtist - printable colouring pages
LucyJoy Artist free downloads printable colouring pages positive and inspiring adult colouring

I believe that with Artwork, either by doing or taking the time to enjoy it; can help you to stop and find a moment or time of quiet. I share artwork or activities and resources that remind you that you are important and valued, and inspires you to be the best you can be. We so often spend our time in the past or the future and miss the joy of where we are. Taking a deliberate effort to be in the moment allows us to be present and grateful and truly enjoy the experience.

Mindful Art – Helping to find space through Artwork, Journaling and Creative Activities.

In this busy world filled with lots of demands on our time and our focus it can feel like it is doing the complete opposite. It takes a conscious effort to live a life where you are awake and alive and able to thrive no matter what comes your way. Lets take a moment to ensure we are finding ways that encourages you to enjoy where you are and make the very most of each moment. I have some videos available on Youtube that help lead you through various ideas, find them here.

Growing God’s Gifts

I’ve written a book!

This is a beautiful book teaching children and adults alike about the amazing gift of the fruit of the spirit that God so graciously gives to us. A practical and fun book that reminds us no matter our age or ability, God has a role for us.

My newsletter Mindful Moments is an e-letter that comes to you sharing ideas on staying mindful, this takes a deliberate choice and reminders can be so helpful. You will also receive news about whats I am creating and free downloads before anyone else.

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I have a range of books and journals available on Amazon

These cover organising your kids, recording outdoor activities, health goals, personal journaling and notebooks.

ArtWow are a UK based company who create homeware, I have a beautiful range available,why not pop over and treat yourself.

My inner voice series is there to help keep you on track, your own personal cheer leader.


LucyJoy artist logo

I am working hard to create artwork and journaling tools to help us live more mindful and focused lives. We don’t all live in ideal circumstances but learning how to create a place of joy inside us that we can retreat to and nourish ourselves is of such great value. Join me as I explore how to find Joy in the everyday things of life.

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