Inner Voice Collection – lets spread some positivity

Creating the Inner Voice 

This collection seemed to me to be quite a natural creation really. 

It’s one of those things we all have, a part of ourselves that we communicate with in order to suss out what we think before we send it out into the great wide world.  The problem being that for so many, and I include myself in this, our inner voice is just mean! 
I found that many conversations I was having with my friends would, at some point involve some unkind phrase they said about themselves. A phrase which I am certain they would never have said to someone else but seemed to be ok to say it about themselves. It’s so hard to see someone being unkind to people you love and value but we make excuses when we say it about ourselves,
I want to suggest that we stop doing it.
I have come to a point where I don’t want that voice to be the loudest or in fact for that voice to be allowed to speak up so frequently. 
I think being a parent does make you aware of things you do and question why or what you are doing, I frequently remind my kids of the power of their words. I like to describe them as some of their super powers, they can use them for good of for bad. Which leaves me questioning …. Why do I allow my inner voice to be mean and drag me down, why not teach it to be good, to build up and encourage. 
In learning to be kind to yourselves this really will leak out into the world around us and spread about. 

We have an inner voice print just by our back door, and each day as we come and go past it I am reminded of this little bit of goodness.
 We smile and move on, its no ground breaking, saving the world kind of stuff, but it is a little positivity to take to heart and move along with. 

I wanted to make a collection of these little thoughts, and to share them and spread them about like flowers. 

You spot them and they bring a little bit of beauty when many things seem grey.
I have prints available at
I also have made these available as various merchandise on because, well its a cool way to share our own bit of positivity. Imagine you are out on a rubbishy day, feeling all a bit blue, worrying about this and that and you spot someone sitting at a table with one of these on their laptop or bag. 
It’s sure to make you smile.
So lets get sharing, spreading this kindness as far as we can possibly reach. 

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