Grand Old Ben

Mountain Bike World Cup, Fort William 2019

Last week was a pretty exciting one for me. You may not know much about the world of mountain bikes, but those who do know that the downhill World Cup is a pretty big deal. It’s an exciting time here in Fort William, the town is filled with people, there is a buzz in the air. It’s a fun weekend that goes in a flash.
I must admit we have never been down to the race, it’s a busy place and as yet the kids are just not ready for that hustle and bustle. We normally race into town to see the amazing Danny Macaskill doing all sorts of amazing tricks on his bike. I’d recommend looking him up on YouTube, they are not your average biking films! Trust me and go look.

So that was our plan, do all our normal things and run into town when we heard he was about.

Until … I had an email looking for a calligrapher to be filmed for a short film about the weekend. I then spent a while sorting it and discovered it was for RedBull TV and that it would be shown at the event on the Sunday.

….Now I’m spending the rest of the day practicing the poem thats to be written and filmed. It was a rollercoaster of a day, I went through excited about it all, to doubting I could, to not liking what I did. Until I had this wonderful moment when I realised My style is mine, it’s pretty, its different and I really like it. 

Don’t you love that moment when you actually like if not love what you have created. 

I’ve seen lots of cartoons created that really clearly show the emotions most artists go through as they create and its so true, this felt a little like it was super charged and going fast forward. I’m so glad I got to spend more time in the happy buzz of the whole thing, it is in my character to enjoy starting things and when I can get them done before I get distracted it feels like I have focused more on what can be done than the inevitable doubt that comes in overthinking.
I can work well under pressure and find that I enjoy setting myself limits, they maybe time or materials used or anything else I can find to keep it interesting.
It may have been the short time I had to prepare or the interest in the project but I was so happy to be able to be part of something I really admire and enjoy. It’s not just the biking I like but the films RedBull TV make are really brilliant, I enjoy watching them and suddenly I realise I get to be part of one!!!  

So the short and the long of it is, I am grateful to have been involved. I am happy that I said yes and didn’t listen to to doubting voice and most of all I am happy that there are wonderful glimmers of sunshine in every day. So whether I am creating or doing day to day jobs I will choose to look for he good and celebrate that, I will learn from the hard and be content with what I have and ready for the next adventure to come my way. 

Here is the link to the film, go take a peak…..

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