Beauty in Everyday

I have been working on some hand lettering and experimenting with different inks, its amazing how much joy comes from creating pieces like this. This gold ink is stunning, I keep trying to film me doing it because it moves in such a delicious way. When I have succeeded in filming it I promise I will share it here.

I was making these pieces and practicing various letters, and while I was doing it I was also chatting. I wouldn’t recommend talking and writing something different as it is often not too successful, while I was chatting I started writing the things we were chatting about. The cheeky cat who convinced me to give him a second breakfast and who would get the milk for tomorrow.

It’s really important to fill our world with positive messages and encourage one another.

Thats what I try to do with my art. I really believe that if our environment is filled with the true messages we want to absorb then in times when the negative voices inside us feel like they are winning we have tools to fight back against them. When they are on the walls and round about us, they are at hand and ready to battle those destructive thoughts.

My art creates this in different ways, and I wanted to have some in this beautiful hand lettering. So as I’m doing this and chatting about the mundane I start writing it, isn’t it funny how they mundane run of the mill things can stand together with the positive and uplifting, when given the same tools.

We spend so much time looking for the extraordinary and the next high that it is way too easy to miss the joy and the beauty in every single day.

Take a moment to be grateful, to consider those things you have that might be there everyday, things you are used to, people, places, abilities. Don’t seek only the extraordinary but
enjoy the beauty in

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