Creative play

Good morning!
I wanted to share this picture with you and to share some thoughts on creating with kids.

I am part of a team who run a toddler group at our church, it is wonderful that it is a team filled with different characters and ideas. Through doing this group I have had to challenge my own ideas on the way I am used to doing things and to check I know what and why I am doing activities the way I am. It’s important to try to welcome lots of different interests and thinking to help encourage us all to stretch our understanding and move out of our comfort zone once or twice (at least).

I have noticed with the creating of Pinterest there is a phrase ‘Pinterest mum’ that flys around, its a mum who is able to create beautiful works or art or kids art suitable for showing on Pinterest. Now I think Pinterest is fab! It’s full of ideas and examples and a great place to share and learn.

As with anything its so important to take it in moderation and to be sure we understand what it is actually for. Don’t be happy with taking everyone else’s word for it, search out for yourself!

The risk that comes with not understanding or worse seeing it as a place for competition means that our ideas are stunted, stuck in the strict confines of what we have sen online and not being happy unless we reach that high standard.

I’ve met people who say … I am not a Pinterest mum, I don’t make. And so actually turn away from an opportunity or idea because they are worried the final result will not be perfect!

Now here’s the important bit, are you listening?

It’s not about the final result!!!
It’s the doing that is so important!!

The process of making is what makes the whole activity worth while. Who cares if what you make is perfect, or suitable to show the world. Whatever the result you and your kids would have learnt something.

Maybe what colours mix together best. How it feels to make plaster of Paris. Which glue sticks what together best …. the possibilities are literally endless.

Remember when you see a finished piece by ANYONE there have been hours (at least) of experimenting and  preparations, lots of unpretty attempts and some very happy accidents.

That learning
That’s amazing!!!


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