I have created a new prayer journal, well lets be honest I made it a couple of months ago but never got round to sharing it enough.

So if it is something that you have been looking for I am sorry it’s not been ‘put out there’ enough.

You see I have a range of books that I have made on Amazon, you can find them here . I have learnt how to self publish and so have created books that I have found I needed. There are several different covers of the prayer journal and I love it. I’ve given a few friends copies to try and they seem to have been really encouraged by them.

This has to be my favourite cover as it is such a normal thing – salt, and yet its something that Jesus used in the Bible to explain how Christians should live. We should give the world more flavour, help it to be what its meant to be. Now I will be the first to admit there are Christians out there who have hurt and damaged things and I am so sorry for that. It’s awful!…. but let me tell you this I know that God is not like us, he’s perfect and he’s loving and he has an invitation to us all to know him. I know I need that because I am far from perfect and I am so grateful that I can have a relationship with Him. So here is my prayer journal, a place to note down prayers AND answers to those prayers because God Answers Prayer!

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