Just a card


Have you heard of just a card?

It’s a fab campaign that’s designed to encourage people to think when they enjoy an artist or makers work; that its not only about being beautiful and on display for people to enjoy. But also its a business that needs supporting. The campaign encourages folk to, if they have enjoyed seeing work to buy ‘just a card’ or something small instead of nothing.

Sometimes I find this prospect hard, that its almost telling people how to spend their money. But it is important for people to see that being a creative that sells their work really does need support. Not charity but to consciously think about where and what you are spending your money on. Small businesses are a treasure that I really enjoy, but I know if I want to continue that I need to support it.

I learnt this oh so clearly this year when my favourite restaurant closed and my favourite cafe is now up for sale. Now they were both places I was really quite loyal to but it did remind me of the importance of supporting independent businesses both financially and by encouraging them whenever you get chance.

So please don’t see me sharing this as me telling you what to do, your money is hard earned and no one should tell you what to do with it.

I am posting this to tell you

I appreciate your support whether it is a like, a share or a purchase.

You are valued and each time you act in our favour you make someone do a crazy happy dance.                 

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