Wildlife Oneliners

I created this little fella for #elephants4karl on twitter

Do you find that there is always so much to do on your list? Some days I feel like there is loads and I don’t quite know where exactly to start, that is when I do the most obvious thing…..nothing.

Crazy isn’t it that when there is loads to do, nothing is a much easier option. Why do our brains work like that? We run to the least productive thing and spend our valuable time absorbed in it, then spend the rest of the time feeling guilty asking ‘why haven’t done more?’ and ‘why did I let myself do it?’

Well I have had ‘draw wild animal oneliners’ on my to do for a while. I made this amazing Giraffe a while back, I’m so happy with it I want to make a wild animal series. So why havn’t I done it? Good question!

Well I spotted on twitter yesterday that @karlwheel was getting a heard of elephants together and so I decided to join in. You have already met my elephant (at the top of the page) and yes I was scrolling through twitter. Scrolling isn’t always a bad thing just we need to take things in moderation.

I will now endeavour to create a safaris worth of wild animals to sit together in a series, all oneliners and all black and white. I will keep you updated with my progress.

For now my plan is

  1. Keep a short todo list
  2. limit time scrolling (maybe even go so far as to set a timer…. have you done that?)
  3. be grateful for the time I have… maybe I could write a grateful list..

Sometimes my mind feels like a bumble bee buzzing from one idea to the next. It’s quite an adventure.

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