Back Home

After two lovely weeks away I am finally back home, we are in Scotland so our holidays started earlier than the English Holidays which is nice because we can take our trip to England when it’s slightly less busy. Every year I find myself thinking about ‘Home’ and what and where it is. You see our summer holiday is a big trip to visit friends and family and incorporates places we have lived or known well because of where we lived. This year marks 6 years of us living in the Highlands, it’s funny how a place can become a part of you without you actually realising.

I remember a couple of years ago suddenly saying to myself ‘you actually live here’ which sounds a daft thing to say but this place is so beautiful its easy to think its too good to be true and that this ‘holiday’ will end soon.

So after visiting some old haunts and enjoying catching up with lots of people we have returned home, and it defiantly is Home! A place that feels both familiar and full of places we want to explore, with friends to return to and stories to continue.

The truth is I think I could be home anywhere we needed to be, it’s not a building or things but the place to rest with those you love.

Now we are home we are getting in the swing of school holidays, it’s a different rhythm to the one which is focused on the routine of school and one I enjoy. I haven’t planned as much as I had hoped but we will make the most of it.

Hopefully there will be some fun ‘with kids’ creations and ideas to share along the way, I hope they will be useful to you. The ideas behind them are often applicable to any age.

So go and embrace the good weather and grab the opportunity to do the thing you enjoy. Be brave, try new things and learn as you go.

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