Papier-mâché making

I promised to share some of the creations and adventures we have over the holidays. Well let me show you these fantastic creations ….

These are still works-in-progress as they take some time to dry.

I actually used this idea after seeing it suggested by @redtedart on Instagram. There are always heaps of ideas and inspiration on that feed and they are realistic things too. So often you read suggestions that require so much adult input there really is not point in the kids getting involved but redted are great for things the kids can actually do.

After seeing this and knowing I had some wall paper paste in the cupboard I thought I’d give this a go. I would like to make sure I’m honest and say that this was not a beautiful ‘all sit down and enjoy a wonderful family time’ but for us it was perfect the way it was because we made it work our way. I knew that the kids might not like the feel of the paste, and may be impatient with parts but that’s fine. It was a hot day and so we were able to do it outside. I showed the girls the picture, they helped a little with the chopping of paper and mixing the paste, then we took it all outside.

I think this was what really helped, it was outside so mess was less of a worry. We also had the paddling pool out, which when the feel of the paste was too much it was easy to run and wash it off. The girls bobbed in and out of doing the papermache and playing and that seemed to work.

They have now been drying a couple of days so hopefully tomorrow we can heated them up and paint them. I plan to do this again outside and will hope to have an easy atmosphere so they can choose what they do.

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