The summer holidays are in full swing and so are the ups and downs. It’s great to have the kids at home, I really do enjoy just a bit of normal life all together. Sometimes though it’s tricky isn’t it, people are not used to being around each other that much and tensions arise. One day we had out the playmobile and there was massive castle construction and play, all seemed well….until ….. there was only one princess! Obviously everyone needed her and had detailed reasons for this. I must admit I just wanted to lob her (the toy) out of the window and move on, but the kids had more sticking power. In desperation I suggested pulling apart the plastercine model and making hair for another one to make two princesses.

Bad move! Apparently the model was precious and my suggestion was awful! BUT they remembered the air dry clay in the cupboard and then the creating began!

They turned the playmobile characters and horses from the run of the mill into the most amazing things you have ever seen!

Working together

I really want to use the air dry clay to make Lego hair styles but haven’t had chance to try that out yet. I think that plastercine would have been great for clothes to that they could be changed easily as when they have removed these bits have broken. The hair though should come off complete and be able to be swapped around. I haven’t had chance to try it out yet but I am hopeful.

For now they are very much loved and have been a great customised toy.

MATERIALS – we used playmobile we already had, some had actually been ours as kids but you can get sets easily on eBay if you wanted some. The air dry clay was from the Works although its called ‘soft clay’ so we were hoping for plastercine (which for the record is very hard to find!)

What did we learn from this activity? That all planning and researching and complex projects are great but sometimes a quick idea that solves a problem can be the most fun. Be flexible and happy to try new things and you might get a wonderful surprise and who knows what other ideas you might have.

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