Adapting ideas to work for you…

You may have seen that we returned from our holiday not long ago, our holiday involves visiting lots of people and the benefit of this is seeing lots of new ideas as we travel about. My friend is very organised and neat (her toys are have homes and are easy to put away! I am literally in awe!) She also comes at things with this ordered mind and her activities are often well thought out. Each year I see her IKEA kitchen which is filled with crochet fruit and veg, I love them! She also has two laminated sheets with photos of fruit and veg and the names written beside. Each year I think thats a great idea and each year I forget.

Until now!

Yes I am doing a happy dance because I actually remembered! Now I haven’t just remade her idea but found a great way to work for us. I have used business cards and cut out pictures from magazines of various food and written the names on the back.


Because kids get into a rut of what they eat (so do adults) and so it gives lots of ideas of food to try. I have been working on the kids to encourage them to have ‘food adventures’ – in other words…try something, anything new. Pleeeeease!!

Also it means they can use them for games and for helping in the kitchen.

An exciting added bonus was that they helped me write a little shopping list, they worked together to collect what we needed then wrote me out a list. They were then so much more helpful in the shop as they took some ownership to what we were doing. It was an unexpected bonus to the cards, I would highly recommend it!

MATERIALS – blank business cards from eBay, they come in various sizes, colours and quantities. You could just use white card cut up. The pictures are from the free magazines in Lidl and Aldi and some that came through the door. Just stuck on with glue stick- Be careful to go right up to the edge of the pictures so they don’t easily peal off. I used 5 different coloured pens to label.

Have fun

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