Making and using Quills

This is going to look like I’m some super keen person here but I must say from the outset this project was driven by my amazing (and quite determined) 6 year old.

We visited the Highland Folk Museum in the Easter holidays and she loved using a dip pen, I had tried to get her one for her birthday but hadn’t managed it. Then started the talk about quills and wanting to try one. I had also always wanted to use a quill but not really gotten round to it. Well this holiday while visiting a farm we collected some turkey feathers, they are really big and surprisingly pretty. So we came home with a handful of these feathers and still the quill idea keeps coming up.

One early morning we decided to look up how to do it, I found a tutorial but storm the castle ( which has tones of great tutorials that I will go back and revisit) who showed a very simple method and the reasons for each bit.

We got to making them and I am so impressed, they worked really well and has been fab for both the girls to have a go. It sounds like a fiddley idea but it was actually really simple and has given me plenty of ideas too.

MATERIALS – feathers found on a farm visit. Knife and cutting board, coarse nail file and dip pen ink. I used my Parker ink (because I had it) but you could used watered down paint if you didn’t have ink.

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