Take care little one

I’m sure you will be aware it’s back to school time, I feel like my inbox is bombarded with the message at the moment. I used to love the trip to ‘staples’ the week before school, trying to convince my parents I needed almost everything that I could reach! I love stationary, I am sure thats no surprise. It seems that love have spread to my kids and we enjoy the earth for a new pencil case and some pretty things to go in it.

I really love getting a few little bits and bobs but have tried to be more conscious, we haven’t gone as mad with pens and pencils as my crazy stationary love would tell me to. This year I’ve been trying to think of things that will help with school and with creating good habits.

We seem to also have a few traditions which we all enjoy.

Bracelets- I always make the kids a little bracelet each, and one for me. I say to The this is to remind you that I’m thinking of you. Ive seen people drawing hearts on hands and all sorts but we like this. Last year they had buttons on them and the kids loved them. This year I have put 10 beads – so if you need to take some deep breaths you can count them on the beads, just a simple way to focus.

Note books – in their school bags I pop a little notebook and pen or pencil. Both my kids love to have the option to draw or write. They keep them in their backs all year and they ave proved a really useful tool for them to have.

Lunchbox notes – These are notes that I pop into their snack or lunch boxes. Just a little boost and reminder to them to keep going. I’ve been thinking about my next set of lunchbox notes, after watching a thing about how we talk to ourselves saying ‘I am …..’ trains our brain in a way I didn’t realise, so that the next book on its way. For now series 1 is here.

After school boxes- these are individual boxes which have the things they love in them.For my kids its stickers, stamps, paper, buttons, sellotape, and glue. Some may need a more structured activities, I also put a snack and drink so everything is there when they land home.

Diary – I think this is age dependant, but so far its been great. It’s helped to count down to things, remember whats been done.

Stickers – do you find that they come home with stickers and after they have told you what its for you then don’t know what its for? Well after trying a poster and noting things down, we are now trying my new sticker book, which gives places to stick and write and then (importantly for me) not loose. It will hopefully become a nice record too.

And finally MY DAY – a new book that I have made which helps encourage a culture of sharing your day. The idea is that it very much belongs to your child who is able to write about their day, or write a worry or happiness and a note then choose to leave it for you. Then you can write back or sit and chat it through. I hope it helps to encourage conversations and fewer eye rolling moments after the dread ‘nufing’ When you ask what they have done. It’s available on Amazon and I’ve kept the price low because I hope it will be helpful to as many people as possible.

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