Taking time to slowdown

I have begun a new project which I hope will inspire you as much as it is me. #slowdownoneliners is a # I am using for all these pieces and posting videos to my instagram stories, the idea for them came after the school routine got back into full swing.

I don’t know about you but I loved the unroutined holidays and the way we had to really calm down all the jobs and take the opportunity to be together. However, in doing that I had not entirely planned the ‘back to normal’ part and so found I was chasing my tail and finding lots of things I had intended to do before the holidays. I found myself racing from one thing to the next and not feeling like any of it was being done as well as I’d have liked.

When life is going to fast, what should we do?

It sounds counter intuitive but I have come to think that taking a little time to slow down and catch your breath really is the way to keep up with the fast pace of things.

At the same time remembering that we don’t need to be zooming along at super speed, instead choosing to make the most of the time we have, choosing the best things to do instead of the most. As this project is showing me taking the time to slow down.

I am aiming to take a few minutes a day to draw an unplanned oneliner, maybe something around me or that I’ve seen in the day. Something that makes me smile or I want to remember. It’s not a final piece to sell but a thing to enjoy doing and to share the joy of the creating with others. This means that I have to make a decision to stop what I am doing for a few minutes to create something, its raw and unplanned and may not necessarily be something I will do anything with in the future but the act of creating is magical.

Please remember this is what works for me, but you may find that there are other things for you that will help you slow down and be present.

How about having a coffee, or going for a walk, reading, journaling, or turning off all the noise for a few minutes, how about a nap!

The important thing is to stop all the rushing and let your mind catch up and give yourself chance to breathe.

………and breathe

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