What does slowing down look like?

Have you seen my #slowdownoneliners ? These are my project to help slow down and enjoying where you are. As I have been making them to begin with I thought ‘this will be a quiet moment away from everything’ but as I go I have found that its not always the case.

To quiet your mind in a house of kids and things to do seems impossible. But the simple act of not rushing about and acting intentional brings more to light that you may think. You see, spending time chasing after quiet and getting away from people will only add to the stress some days. So why am I doing this? Because I want to be more present and enjoy just being.

So its not about being away from people but making the most of where you are and not rushing to the next.

This oneliner was made after my youngest and I pottered about in the garden picking raspberries. We are very lucky in that my father-in-law kindly gave us some raspberry canes and they are very happy in our front garden, we love collecting these autumn berries and then thinking of what to do with them.

The pair of us pottered about the garden, chatting and collecting a bucket full of delicious fruit. It’s wonderful to get time one-on-one and chat about everything and nothing, I love her excitement as she thinks up all sorts of things you can make out of raspberries. We were outside and so the beeps and wrrrs of machines and jobs were locked away and it was just us.

This is slowing down, this is getting to know each other and enjoy simple things.

So I made this oneliner later day, when the kids were playing and the sun was shining. I love this picture and it will remind me always of the fun we had together.

Slow down in the way that works for you today.

Be present.

…….and breathe.

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