How do I choose art?

I love having art in the house and to see what other people choose to have in their space is absolutely fascinating. I am that person that likes to peak in the background of photos to see what people are choosing. It’s obviously helpful for things to have in mind when I am making art, although it doesn’t mean I then try to match that as we all have such different styles and passions. 

I was recently told by someone that my style was much ‘too modern’ to have in a hotel, but I stand proud of my style and know that the particular hotel was going for a different look and I’m happy for them, it sounds beautiful. There may be a different place that would snap up what I’m doing. My point is we need to choose art that we love and not to fit in or because anyone says we should.

Fill your space with what makes you happy and gives you a smile, that helps you think and focus. Art is made to help you to think and feel, to take you to a someplace that makes you feel alive. I once went to a Rothco exhibition and it was just so wonderful, I felt like I couldn’t take enough of it in. Equally I know that for others its just a red square. We are all different, and thats beautiful too!!

Often I create pieces that have a message to them, sometimes its very obvious – and it has words. Sometimes its just the idea that is behind it and I will share that with the art and its home. 

What I do know and am continuing to discover is that art is so personal not only to the artist but also to those who see it. People respond very differently don’t they. My friend at college (not doing art with me) constantly asked what the ‘theme’ was, my work back then was a lot of oil paintings and a lot more abstract than it is now. She always wanted me to explain what she was meant to see. It used to upset me that she wasn’t able to just sit with it and see what she needed too. Now I realise she just needs a different style of art. We are also different and our passions and needs are different as is our relationship with art. 

So choose art that you love, choose things that inspire you and you want to be in the company of. 

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