Be Brave! Fighting the fear of failure.

OK so you may not think this is particularly brave, but this one was and I will explain why.

This piece is made from drips which I’ve then drawn a oneliner over.

The way I work is often with lots of sketches and planning then the final piece will eventually come to life once I have got to know it well. I learn the feel of the shape and where the loops and curves are. I had wanted to make this piece for a long time, I made the drips and left them to dry. When I saw them they were perfect! I was so happy with them I was then really worried about ruining the piece. So I did the adult thing and hid it away! I know, its not a very adult thing to do but lets be honest we all do it don’t we. Somethings we are so sure we want to do right we end up hiding it or from it so that we don’t do it wrong.

That is what I did with this piece for a long time, every now and then I would come across it and put it in another pile of things ‘to do’ and move on. Hiding it again and again.

I share this story because we do this with so many things it can become quite destructive. If we hide from things because we are scared of breaking them we may end up doing more damage than if we had tried. That conversation you are putting off because you fear the reaction will be too much to deal with, that place you have been thinking about going but cant quite pluck up the courage to walk through the door, that person you think you would connect with but are afraid that you might not. There are many things to be worried about and that make us nervous but isn’t it worth a go? Wouldn’t you rather have tried and failed than have not tried at all?

We can become so afraid of failing that we stop ourselves ever succeeding and I hope this is an encouragement to you to try, throw your hat in the ring.

Maybe it will work maybe it won’t. I can’t give any promise of success, but I know that regretting the things that could have been is a difficult thing to live with.

So paint the picture.

Take the trip.

Who knows where it will lead you.

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