3 ways to encourage kindness and help change self talk.

Do you remember years ago radio 1 did ‘random acts of kindness’? I loved it, I particularly remember stories of people dropping flowers at peoples doors or leaving beautiful notes and flowers on cars. This is a movement that absolutely has grown arms and legs and people are running with it, there are books written about kindness, blogs about it, school projects to encourage more of it.

Celebrate each other

With anything that takes off it is easy to get bogged down in it, seeing all the things others do can become overwhelming. Let me try to encourage you here, it’s doesn’t have to be big dramatic displays we can be kind and change our thinking one little step at a time.

Maybe by looking at how we speak to ourselves will change how kind we are to ourselves and by understanding the impact of our self talk and learning to be kind to ourselves and that in turn will then spread to others. When we grasp the point that our words have power will help us to think about what we say to whoever we are speaking. So what can you say to yourself today that is true and will build you up and not break down.

Once we have grasped our words and are conscious about them we can consider what we say and how we say it. We can do so much good before any actions at all.

What do kind words look or rather sound like?

GRATITUDE- How about thanking people, thank those who regularly do things for you, things you take for granted. It shows them they are seen and you recognise what they are doing. Often the things we take for granted can be a wonderful thing to celebrate! A grateful heart is a happy heart.

APPRECIATION – How about reminding people that you are glad they are there, use their name and tell them how glad you are to see them, be genuine too. We can go through periods of feeling alone or low and some people are really good at hiding it, whether they are Ona high or a low knowing that they have been seen and are wanted is a very special thing.

RECOGNITION – Telling people you admire what they are doing, ‘I am in awe of how you do that’ ‘You really have a gift for doing that’. There are many times we may feel that we could have done it, even to think we could do it better. We can be very opinionated about things that we have not been part of. Recognising that a person has done is not only important for them to know you have seen it, but also for you to be grateful over judgey.

Kindness is not just about doing things, its about a change in heart. When our heart attitude is right kindness will flow from us.

Share your cards travels with the hashtag

I have created these cards to help to be more conscious of our words. With some being used to remember the brilliant things the family has done and some being kept in my bag to give to people I come across. We are so quick to complain about things but how quick are we to celebrate them? With these cards I plan to encourage those I come into contact with, will you join me? Cards are available on my Etsy store here

Give someone a card to you think they are awesome

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