Where will you shop this Christmas?

Hello there, it’s nice to be back here sharing some exciting news. I have been a little quiet on the blog lately but I’ve been working hard on a few different projects. I wanted to share something I am joining in with in the coming weeks.

New products available on ARTWOW

justacard is a campaign run to show support and solidarity among creatives and makers and also to show everyone the difference their spending choices make. When I first came across this campaign I wondered if it was going to be another thing telling me what I should be doing, BUT I have followed them on Instagram for a while now and see nothing but encouragement and support for one another, and gratitude for those who choose to spend their hard earned cash there.

I have also discovered some other great creatives who are making and selling really great products. Things that may not appear on a google search but are unique and exciting. I like to scroll through the comments and check out the various people who are making and selling things.

The thing about instagram is that it’s designed to be a community, people chatting and meeting others, social media is like that on the whole really. Life is busy and different from years ago when you could wander down the streets and in and out of lovely Independant shops. Now so much is online it has changed, we can lament the old days or find ways to enjoy the new. The comments on posts are not victim to some algorithm or key word skills, and so I have found people I otherwise may have missed and discovered treasures that may have gone under the radar.

Why am I telling you this? Well it’s because Justacard are doing indie week on November 25th -29th. It’s a week which prompts small businesses to share on certain topics helping the audience to see and get to know the maker and the products. This is a brilliant remedy to Black Friday and all that throws at us and gives us a chance to find some really unique and beautiful gifts.

Image by stacie swift

This is great for yes the small business owner (who by the way will be doing a very impressive happy dance with each order), it is also better for our community and environment. You see when you are small and creating products you think carefully about what materials used, what packaging is used and the impact it will have. I have read so many posts from people who have found fabulous recycled packaging or compostable materials, people using recycled materials to create the products and considering how they will be used. These small businesses not only care about what they are making and produce the very best they can, they also want to ensure it is doing the least damage possible in so many cases.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year and gifts are not the most important part, but if you are buying this year consider independent businesses. Take a look at #indieChristmas and share and recommend to others as much as you can.

If you want to make something why not look at Cotton Clara’s tutorial for these amazing cross stitch decorations.

Or some wrapping paper with a difference.

Prints available on Etsy

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