Getting started with journaling and needing some tips and pointers

I’m sure you have read about or heard about this phenomenon that is journaling, bullet journaling, free writing, morning pages, art journaling, Bible journaling and prompt journals. There is a huge range of things to do and ways to do it. There is also quite a lot of talk at the moment about how good it is for us and our mental health with courses designed to help focus on that via journals. It is no surprise then the number of people giving its go.

I am sure also there are a number of people who want to, yet with the various options available it can be easy to get overwhelmed! Where do I start and what do I do? I feel like that, I’m a little (ahem big) stationary geek and so I quickly convince myself I need this or that and I will be a journaling pro. So I thought I would show you some of the different journaling ideas I have come across and some I have produced myself to help you decide if and what works best for you.

There is is huge range of ideas so I will do another blog on my Bible journaling resources and Art journaling as these are huge topics in themselves for me.

Bullet journaling – this has taken off like a rocket in recent years and works for people in many different ways. Essentially what you need is a beautiful journal – buy what you like and love. It’s a good idea to look at the quality of the paper as some paper bleed through and so restrict the types of pens you can use. Also get yourself a selection of pens you love too, this again doesn’t have to be expensive crayola pens are great for creating lovely lines and shapes. It is very easy to get sucked into expensive ranges but don’t feel this is a must. I love Nikki supply store for pen and journals for this and she even does lives and videos mapping layouts which are really helpful. I must admit you have to be quite an organiser for this method and many are but its not something I really do regularly enough. However the supplies are great for all sorts of other journaling too.

Morning pages – this is a part of The Artists Way a course created by Julia Cameron for creatives however it is absolutely not only or them I think it would be so useful for everyone. The whole course is well worth doing and the book with it in is easily available on the big book sites, I think my book was about a fiver and worth every penny. The morning pages are a time when you can site and write three pages, use whatever is in your head. It’s sort of like a demuddling of whats buzzing about and this time of year is a perfect time to do it. You dont have to read them back and you shouldn’t show anyone but its very freeing and really only requires a notebook and pen of any kind. There are some amazing photos of peoples morning pages if the hashtag.

Art Journalling – I will cover on another blog but enough to say its about creating images for yourself that help to deal brief’ your brain. A way to try out ideas in a non threatening non judgemental (to yourself) way. It’s very freeing.

Prompt journals – these guys I have worked with and made a few different options which I sell on Amazon. I find these so helpful because there are stages when a blank page feels really threatening so to have some prompts and questions can help you get started and more on to some other methods

These journals are all available on amazon and are created entirely by myself, they are filled with hand drawn prompts and beautiful type.

The diary of me comes with two different cover options but have the same insides. They are a good start of the year kind of book looking at goals and goal setting, celebrating where you have come from and achieved and being grateful and hopeful.

Health goals planner is aimed at helping you to make goals, break them down into manageable doable chunks and keep yourself accountable. There is also lots fo spaces for writing recipes, because lets be honest often our great meal plans fail because we just go back to old habits. The idea is to fill this book with how you are going to move forward. There is space for listing podcasts and people and things that inspire you. I have used this one quite a bit and found it really helpful to keep me on track.

Get outdoors is a book to help to track and inspire you to be outside and see what you can achieve by doing so. It’s and illustrated with fun ideas and ways to record your achievements. There are many books out there for this but I created this to out our needs and to been a fun way to keep track and see how worth while it is.

I hope you find these useful and I will be back soon with Journaling with kids, Bible and Art journaling.

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