Bible Journaling ideas and helpful resources.

Bible Journaling felt like a big mystery to me and then I realised its a name to what I actually naturally do. My Bible has often been a brightly coloured and drawn on book. I am one of those people who likes a book to know its been read, I crack the spine, take it in the bath, write notes, fold pages and all sorts. I know many people are the complete opposite and who care for books ‘like babies’ as my kids are often told to at school. Which ever you are please don’t panic this is not about forcing something but doing what works for you to help you with your own personal learning and growing relationship with God who loves you and wants to speak to you.

For me I think better when I have a pen in my hand, and so when I’m reading my Bible I have lots and write and draw lots. I love writing notes and sticking in all sorts of tabs and notes. I know its time for a new one when everything keeps falling out! So if you hear the phrase Bible journaling and think ‘it’s not for me’ try to push the phrase away and be encouraged to read and use your Bible to read and study and understand more. If writing in it is not your thing then use notebooks and fill them, there are many ways to keep a record of your thoughts and what you have learnt even space for questions and prayers.

This Bible pictured is the Inspire Bible NLT version, since I have had mine lots more have come out. There are many things I love about this, the space at the side is the biggest thing. The negatives would be that I actually would prefer not to have the pretty verses that sometimes fill the space I want to write on. On these occasions I pop a sticky note over it and carry on writing, but there are times when the verses are nice to have there too. My ideal journal Bible would be spiral bound and have blank pages next to the text and thicker paper. I spent a long time searching for this and found some for ver a hundred pounds! Eek! So it depends how much and what money you want to spend but the options are only increasing at the moment.

As I have played with various techniques and prompt books I have created a few different and helpful books, I hope that sharing them with you would encourage you to study and delve deeper. I started with a blank notebook but if you want some help take a peak at a few of these.

These prayer diaries are prompt diaries that allow you to fill with prayers and thoughts and go back over time and thank God for His blessings and answers. These have the same inner and are pictured in the top picture showing some of the prompts, there are four pages of prompts repeated throughout the book.

This large book has prompts on each page encouraging you to note important points that stuck out and help you to think through sermons or passages you are studying.

I created this book for Bible study with the first page asking important questions about the passage and encouraging you to seek a deeper understanding of the passage and the cultural aspects to delve deeper.
This book is useful for personal study and sermon notes.

These books have been made out of my own need and playing with various ideas and techniques. I love the Bible Study Tools notebook for prepping for a women’s study I do, it keeps those studies together and go back and re read things. The prayer diaries have been so helpful over time to keep track and keep thankful.

You do no have to buy anything, just use what you have and study. Whatever you choose you will absolutely be blessed by spending more time reading God’s amazing word.

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