Happy New year!

It still feels ok to be saying that as we hit the end of the first week of routines. How have you found the first week back into the everyday routine?

Hopefully it brings with it some good things for you. Over the holidays I realise that for many its a time of reassessing life, thinking through ‘stuff’ and generally eating too much cheese. I spent some time over the holidays planning through what I wanted to get done this year with my blog and the work I share.

how can you be kind today?

There have been a few changes Which have been out of my control, like my favourite deli shutting and so the gin oneliners which I had been selling there needing to move out. Followed by another really beautiful gallery closing too which I sold pieces in. I was really thankful that I had taken this time to think through a plan so that actually when these things happened I could meet them with a calm reality. I was super sad for the owners of both as they all did a wonderful job and our town absolutely needs Independant shops and people of passion to inspire and challenge us. I am so thankful that it didn’t put me in a spin as I have a few other things in planning that will come out over the year which I hope you will enjoy.

I have decided that I will stop making Gin Oneliners so what I have left is whats there and then they are gone. It was fun for the time but I don‘t like having such a focus on gin. Don’t get me wrong there is a time and a place for a nice drink but I didn’t want the images to be quite so regular. I have some cards and a few originals left so will do a gin sale soon and then that will be them.

Over last year I have been looking at more sustainable ways to produce work, art is extremely important and valuable but it also doesn’t need to take up space when its not being enjoyed. So I began last year producing more work on ARTWOW which is a lovely British company producing print on demand pieces. I love the idea of things being made only when ordered and that unsold pieces are not wasted. The books and journals on Amazon are created on demand too. So I feel like thats a great way to produce different and exciting pieces easily and with as little waste as possible.

I have also been trying to be very careful with the prints I make and how many and how often. I try to order what I need in responsible levels and the local company are so good at showing me the types of paper and where its from. I will continue with some prints but am going to be working a lot more on a selection of downloadable products which can be printed at home by yourself or sent to a photo company who can put them onto products for you, like posters, cups, canvases etc. This can be done in a really affordable way. Along side them will come a journaling page allowing you to think through a few questions which can take as long or as short as you like and help you to understand your connection with it. All available on ETSY. So watch this space…..

Happy new year and may yours be filled with love and smiles for the good and the tough times too.

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