Sustainable art

What is sustainable art?

Let’s start with what does ’sustainable’ actually mean?

Thank you wikipedia

…..‘the capacity of the biosphere and human civilisation to coexist.’

Ok so its about living and sharing the world we live in, in a responsible way. Thinking through the use of resources. Culture is needing to and certainly has begun to shift from ‘I deserve this’ to a more aware mindset, but we absolutely have a long way to go.

I have always enjoyed the story of the boy throwing back the star fish back into the sea. To have an awareness that we can’t fix everything, do everything, be everything but a little is still something!

It’s true in many many different situations maybe you want to learn an instrument, its said 15minutes a day will be enough. When you start and it takes you that long to get out only a few notes, it seems ridiculous but with determination after a while the difference will be huge! We may not be able to remove all the plastic from our lives but if we think about it when we are shopping we remember to take our own bags and choose the product with less packaging each time. Your little difference and my little difference will soon add up. AND it’s contagious. People feed off people. When we share or watch other people making small differences we find what of our own we can do.

I began to really look into this after seeing some other small businesses talking about their search for packaging. I spent time doing my own research too and lots of folk shared their findings. As we discuss these things we help each other, I’m so grateful for them.

available one Etsy

So my brian started to tick and I was listening to the different ideas, cards with plastic/ no plastic/ corn starch bags/ envelopes and boxes. What are things made of that you are actually selling. I created some bowls and badges from recycled paper and paper mache. They were fun but sold out intensive it wasn’t really an option. I have created recycled paper colouring books which are great fun and perfect for your handbag but I wanted something more.

With a bit of research I discovered that you can sell and buy digital downloads on Etsy, now to start with I was all worried about people ripping off my work. But! Let’s be honest most people are good people, most will not steal other peoples work or produce and sell something that is not their own. There is still a risk but on the whole I’m going in this ready for it to be positive. This for me creates the ideal solution, I can sell my work at a reasonable price, it is only made when someone actually wants it, and it can be made to suit the individual, and there is no need for packaging! I will be able to create prints on beautiful paper if people want but these will be print on demand.

As I was making and posting these I started to share some of my thoughts with them, I’m journaling a lot more and so there is often lots of thoughts and experiments that have gone with them. As I was working on another idea about helping people to be more mindful and using creativity to do that. I realised they could be combined, I am working on some journal questions that will go alongside these prints. So when you download them you get these prompts too. With the idea that as you work though the questions you understand your connection to the piece even more. Now I know not everyone journals and not everyone wants to and so you could choose to do nothing with them if you so wish. They are hand lettered and illustrated so if you wanted to you could display the questions with it. There are so many options with it.

I’m excited to share it with you and hope you will love them as much as I do.

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