What is Mindful Art and why are you making it?

That’s a very good question. Let me tell you how it started. A while ago I received a message from a school asking me to come and do a ‘mindful art session’, it was quite out of the blue and I was a little confused. What would they want from me and how would I run a class about mindful art?

These little prompts are great ways to get us thinking, nudges that ask us questions we never thought of asking. I had never really considered my art to be ‘mindful art’ and didn’t do the session. It did get me wondering what it meant and what mindful art actually is.

How is my art mindful?

I just create, its my happy place, my quiet, my way of stepping away from the world and thinking through and understanding it too. Creating for me is my ‘out’, my escape to find me. When I started looking into what mindfulness is I realised it was all these things. After an interview I did with mental health first aid trainer and campaigner Andy Aylewood on his Mental health wellbeing tour in summer 2019. He talked about how working on his landrover for the tour was his form of mindfulness. His way of breaking out of the world and finding calm in a busy place. He’s quite an inspiring guy and it was great to hear how he had found that his way of finding balance again did not involve a yoga mat or meditation. These are great ways to slow and calm but for many they are a big step away from their norm.

Take a little time each day to have some calm and quiet.

Recognising that we can all find a place of calm and quiet in different places is important. For me is it in creating and in reading the Bible and journaling, this is a time of peace and quiet and resetting my mind from the busyness that can quickly swamp it.

Last year I found myself being a little overwhelmed on more occasions than one, I realised I was not taking the time to stop and do something to quiet my mind each day and I felt it. Felling fraught and unsettled I took a little time out, slowed down and found things and routines I need to help me to keep that balance we all need.

I also discovered the importance of making it a habit, and setting time aside specially for it as e can quickly be ‘too busy’ to do these little things which make a big difference.

I will do my best to share with you techniques and strategies to help keep focus. I also plan to encourage both you and myself to take a little time to mindfully create.

What does that mean? Being intentional, stopping writing and checking off lists for a few minutes each day to be creative.

That could be many things from writing to drawing to cooking up some magic in the kitchen. It is just about focusing on something you enjoy, using your natural skills to make something without the pressure of someone’s opinion. Just enjoy the act of doing and not needing to worry about anything else going on for that time.

Let me encourage you to think about something you love to do. When can you fit it into your day? How will you make it a routine, a regular date for yourself?

What will you create?

Let me know here or over on my instagram or facebook @LucyJoyArtist the link are below. I cant wait to hear….

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