When the To Do list is just too much!

Is it too much ?

Has it been too much?


I wonder if we expect so much of ourselves so often that the pin expectations that are far too lofty for us to handle. I don‘t mean that you can’t do the things on it, but maybe you can’t do them all in one day.

….and do you know what that’s really ok!

We are human and have our limits, recognising them helps us understand what we can do and when and to give ourselves a break when we need it. Life runs in seasons and we achieve different things during different seasons. The mum at home with small kids may not be able to check off a long list but has cared for kids throughout the day, all those mundane things count but we wouldn’t write them on a list. The person out at work may have been mad busy at work then comes home too late to get any other jobs done until the weekend. Be kind to yourself and stand up to yourself when that inner voice comes to grump at you.

you can do this!

Here are some tips I learnt…

Writing a list for the week – Each Sunday I write a list of all the things to be done in the week, then I write the days of the week (only Monday – Friday) and add a colour for each day. I then read through the list and select a maximum of 3 things for each day and colour them to the relevant day. That way I’m not re-writing the list over and over and can see where I am at throughout the week. As jobs are done I like to tick them, but some prefer to cross out – which ever makes you happy.

Keep a short to do list – keep your expectations manageable and your to do list doable. I try to keep my priority list to 3 but may have extras to do if I have time.

Prioritise – work out what needs to be done, what you want to be done and things you add often that really don’t need to be done. Remove those things you don’t need to be doing.

Make room for a break – we are often so busy make sure that you give yourself time to rest, it will in the long run make you more productive. Regular breaks are so important.

I hope that helps and reminds you that its ok to stop for a little when You need it, maybe even make something or go for a walk.

You can do this!

what will you do to take a break?

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