How do I get started on my dreams?

As we come to the end of January we start to get near those days when people have given up on resolutions and realised old habits die hard and is it even worth pursuing that thing we were so excited about at the start of the month. For some it seems like the high at the start of a new year is starting to wear off and as we have seen no evidence of any progress maybe its just time to stop. I don’t think its unrelated to the number of people who insist they ‘hate January’ as well. Yes its dark, yes its cold but it is still time we will only experience once. Let’s live it!

I wanted to share some really helpful things Ive read and heard lately, about sticking with your dreams and about living in the reality of this life and living it to the full! No good thing ever came easily and no accomplishment ever came without hard work, so lets not blame January lets love it. Celebrate the start of the new year and the progress we can make forward in it. I watched a video of Holly Tucker from Holly&co who is focusing on dreaming throughout January and how to make the most of it. To plan and make manageable goals that will flow through your year. Wise advice and such an inspirational lady! Well worth a visit!

Tonight I enjoyed seeing a live broadcast of Mel Robins talking about dreaming too, she was answering questions and the one that really stuck out for me was this….‘what should I do, I‘ve an infant at home, I’m busy and I’m worried that I’m over stretched and going to fail at my dream.’ Mel was absolutely wonderful! She is straight talking and just magnificent, you must find her online if you want someone to set a fire to your passion. Anyway she says in answer the the question that its about making your goals manageable, don’t set things that are too big for you to manage, essentially don’t set yourself up for failure! She told this lady to choose one thing a day, ten minutes to do a thing. Make it sensible, manageable and a brick in the wall which will grow with a daily habit!

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I found this so helpful. Look at your dream, break it down to manageable chunks which will over time build to a beautiful structure! I‘ve been reading the book of Ecclesiastes with our Bible study group and there we read sensible advice about avoiding extremes, working hard and enjoying life, living it to the full. All these things work together, we each have gifts and abilities, dreams and goals that burn within us. How will we get them out into the world?

One method is journaling, creating a way of getting the idea out of your head and broken down to its core parts. I have written a few blogs about journaling in general and Bible journaling with some useful resources to get started with, and shared a few ideas about starting there. This time of year there are journals for everything and telling you it can help you organise this that or the other to live a more productive life.

Journaling doesn’t have to be that. There are some wonderful methods like bullet journaling that for some is the answer to their organisation love. For me I find journaling is just a good way to de clutter my head. I enjoy the act of writing things down so that can be when I’m reading my Bible and writing notes in that. Or when I’m writing lists…oh the lists!! I love to write lists and tick them off! Sometimes its as much as writing down a word or two. It can be for you what you want it to be.

Remember the good old days of writing in your diary… dear diary…. I never quite managed to write to my diary that felt a bit weird didn’t it? Anyway journaling is a great way to note down your dreams to start with, maybe write them down each day and see how they change and what they are (Mel Robins encourages this in her Best Decade Ever Course -its free too!) Over time some will keep reappearing and others will die out. What ideas are bugging you and needed to be nurtured?

Journaling and writing helps to do this, find some way to write down your dreams and if this feels too big, write down 5 things you are grateful for each day. That helps to focus your mind on what you have and reminds you of what you can share.

Don’t let January become a nothing month that you wish away or regret, use it to move forward in your faith, your life and your dreams. We will never get this time back so find the way that sets you on fire and do what you do in the way only you can!

Hooray for January

Hooray for you

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