What is your 2020 reading list?

I don’t think I have ever shared my reading list for several reasons…. I’m a slow reader and everyone seems to get books eaten up in half the time I do and I get distracted easily and can be reading several books at once and a few fall off the list over time.

I thought …. ‘do you know what hey I will share these with you because I am loving them at the mo’ and maybe a bit of accountability could help too. So here goes…

Joyful By Ingrid Petell Lee– I love this book, it reminds us to be joyful and enjoy the place we are in, to understand how to get there. She looks into what things actually make us joyful and its helpful to understand a little about what this could be.

CEV Bible by the Bible Society – this focuses on poverty and what the Bible says about it! I enjoy different versions for different things and I think its so important to really seek to understand God’s amazing word! I started looking at CEV Bibles as it had been recommended to me for kids to start reading in family time as its made with reading aloud in mind.

The Comparison Cure by Lucy Sheridan – a wonderful inspiring woman who makes you actually want to be yourself and to enjoy every second! Touching on some tricky topics we might otherwise shy away from.

Mindfulness – this is a new book I ordered recently it was recommended to me so I’m excited to get started. It also came with a cd with some exercises so I cant wait to try them out.

Period power by Maisie Hill – a truly inspiring book that reminds you that we are not a victim to our bodies but a beautiful being that can work with the ebb and flow of hormones and the experiences they bring. Knowledge is power and instead of feeling like some of it ‘happens to us’ we can see how to work with it.

Yes there is a mess and this is not a perfect photo, it is intentional. We do not live in a perfect polished world and in the midst of me moving things for a photo I thought, stuff it! This is life and it will be lived!! It is the heart of what many of these books are about. We have a life full of goodness and blessings and they should be both celebrated and shared. There is Joy to be found in the world that you live in, in the world, I believe God has called each of us too. Find your passion and gifts and use them to the best of your ability for those who are around you and the part of the world within your influence.

I have been challenging myself with how much I read as it has dropped off in recent years, but its important to have that slowing down and time to be generous to ourselves. It starts with a determination to do it and create a habit. There are seasons for all the things in our lives but its good to challenge things too and make sure we are finding ways to nurture who we are and grow. I hope you get to do a little of what you need today.

Enjoy x

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