Mindful Moments – talking money

I’ve recently been working on attitudes to money and those on my email list received a free download of a worksheet to help with thinking through money, how you spend it and attitudes to it. If you would like it just join the email list and I will send you a copy.

Why am I writing about it and sharing it? Because it is important and I have found these thoughts helpful and so if it helps one other person then its absolutely brilliant. Life is soo short and we can end up worrying and spinning around getting nothing done. Well thats what happens to me anyway.

That is why my artwork and my blogging has been much more focused on the mindful routines and things that are all part of our lives. I went through a stage of feeling quite lost in the ‘todos’ of general life, I realise I was wearing clothes I wouldn’t normally choose and doing all the things that needed to be done just to get everything done. I realised I had begun to loose myself and so I slowly and gently got back to creating.

Over time I started to share what I was making and now I am selling it. I am so aware that I am now making and selling ‘things’ and the world is full of them, also I am aware that money is not an endless stream, I would hate for people to be struggling and still spend money they didn’t need to.

So here I am sharing my thoughts, encouraging you to take a moment and know that you are valuable, loved and so important without needing an actual thing.

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