A little encouragement goes a long way

You know those people who just know what to say and when? Those beautiful people who are just a joy to be around when you are sad, people who manage to lift others when they need it. Those are wonderful people and it truly is a special gift some people have. This though is not a reason for others not to do their own form of encouraging too. I know I have times when I haven’t know what to say or do when I have seen people who need a little lift. I don’t want my life to be sprinkled with those memories of missed opportunities to help someone out.

This thought is where my encouragement cards were born. It has just been my ‘You are awesome’ cards and they have been brilliant to give out, I have heard some wonderful stories of how they have been used by others. So now there are more!! Wahoo!

Available on Etsy to preorder I have two new designs (with more in the pipeline) for those times when you want to do a little something but maybe you don‘t know what. You can give them as they are or add a note to the back.

I do love making things that help people to help each other, and I hope even reading this helps you to be encouraged to go and support those around you. We need to look after each other in this crazy world. Smile, say well done, thank the bin man, talk to people! Life is rich and wonderful and we can brighten other people’s day just by acknowledging them.

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