How much do we really understand?

I ask that question because as I came to write this book I realised that I didn’t know half of it.

As I opened the parcel on Friday I got to finally hold the book I had written and studied for months.

When I was asked to write a children’s book about the fruit of the spirit I was really happy. I brought back memories of my youth group and learning them all, we sat in the day school room and had such a fun weekend learning it. When I went to learnt the words we must have studied it more, but as I came to write about it and explain it I realised I needed to get a much better picture.

There are so many things we assume we know, truths that we only half understand, parts of explanations we have accepted without really digging into ourselves.

I write this to encourage you to keep searching, keep looking, understand things for yourself and not accepting things without real consideration. There are obviously times when this can go too far, moderation is the key.

Growing God’s Gifts – is a children’s book that walks you through what the gifts are and practical ways to use them. God gives us such wonderful gifts and instead of exhausting ourselves trying to do more than we could ever do. We need to welcome what He give us and learn to nurture, grow and use it.

Available here or by clicking the image.

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