Finding time for self -care

‘Self-care’ its getting a bit of a bad repeat the moment, but why?

I‘ve seen posts saying ‘Self-care is not selfish’ is that what people think of it? Is it selfish? Well if we are all honest there are ways it could be used like that but on the whole it really isnt.

Self care is valuing yourself. It looks so different to so many, but in a world thats busy and the demands on people are getting more and more we really do need to learn how to slow down a little.

This blog post is prompted by my new journaling cards ‘Time for you’ but the topic does really deserve some attention. I have been told on more than one occasion that I am ‘so busy’ and always doing things. The truth is for me, I will always be ‘doing something’ I don‘t want to be ‘busy’ for the sake of it. I want to be doing things that are of value.

guided self care journal cards

This really does take some planning though. For me I need to write it down and have guidance because in that moment of quiet I don’t want to waste it. I use various ways to help with this.

I write a list of ideas I could do – its not a must do but a list of things that are on my heart.

I collect together projects ready for when I have the time.

Speak to people, connection is so important. Speaking to others grounds us to see others needs, to seek ways to help or just learn to listen.

I pray, I ask for opportunities to use my gifts. We are all filled with wonderful and amazing gifts and we must find ways to use them or those gifts will be Wasted. I read Elizabeth Gilberts ’Big Magic’ a Book that reminds you to use what you have or it will go an find someone else, in the Bible God says He will ask us what we did with what he gave us. – Whatever you feel about it, we have gifts and we must use what we have so find ways to do it.

That said, running ourselves into the ground does no-one any good. So how do we avoid burn out? I think its a lot to do with our heart attitude. Understanding what is important, and value who we are. We must listen to our own needs and take time out.

When your mind is frazzled and you are finding it hard to focus ….. that is a sign.

When it all feels too hard and your dreading it …… that is a sign

Listen to the messages your body and mind is sending and respond. Do something different.

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