How do you prepare for the unthinkable?

There is so much being said and written at the moment. I just wanted to share something Positive from my day….. I was sorting out some work I had put away for another time and realised this is exactly what I want to make now.

I discovered a plan and lots of the prep work that I thought was only in my head was sitting in a notebook ready to be drawn and given life! Something I had such passion for then got scared because that seems to be the way my mind sends me. Since writing that plan I have been creating and selling digital downloads on Etsy and loving the possibilities that creates. Reducing waste, creating a workload that is manageable and exciting and knowing that I am not using more than my fair share of resources. The decision to start with downloadables was mainly due to the plans I was making about packaging and the need to find recyclable materials.

So I am so grateful that I can now look back and see I have lots more to bring to that plan now, lots I have learnt and lots to take forward which will make it even better.

Why share this with you?

Because there is currently a lot of information about what we cant do, what is having to stop. Maybe just maybe there are new and exciting things this can give us if we are ready to look and be creative.

Churches are finding new ways to meet and share – this is I hope will be skills we can take forward in the future to care for those who are stuck away from church for short periods.

Families are checking on each other – the ability to support one another is mind blowing! May we hold tight to this and keep growing it.

Businesses that are struggling are often the gems in our world and this brings to the fore how they work and survive. I am a big supporter of the Just a Card campaign but this shows people in a scary way what they risk loosing by not using these small beautiful creations.

As we all start to hunker down at home we will learn to be creative with time, food and build relationships. I hope this leads us to talk more, to love more, to learn to choose what really matters.

I know this is a scary and horrible time but I am so thankful for the huge numbers of people caring and being thoughtful. I hope that we can build on this and take it forward to become a more understanding and caring society.

find my page of free downloads here

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