What is mindful art?

I thought this would be a great time to share this post with you. I don’t know about you but my mind feels pretty frazzled at the moment, finding time to actually slowdown when everything is changing and needed done is hard for everyone. It’s that whole thing of when there is loads of time we can feel overwhelmed and become busy and yet not productive. So I would like to share with you a few thoughts that might help….

So lets start with mindfulness it is the process of bringing your attention to one place (in simple terms thanks Wikipedia) There are lots of great resources to look at the practice of mindfulness. I love a book and so have enjoyed using A year of living mindfully and Practical mindfulness both great resources.

Mindful art is another branch of this. It‘s about finding ways to either get creative or enjoy art in a way that helps to ground you and helps you to focus on the present.

It’s about taking time to enjoy where you are.

LucyJoyArtist - one line art -cactus
Lucy Joy Artist – creates mindful art and Oneliners

I adore creating Oneliners (artwork using one continual line) creating them requires focus and being able to be present. It’s a great way to stop and slow down, a way to enjoy that quiet that only comes when we actually stop. I started a series of Slow Down Oneliners a while back, I realised I was running around all day but rarely managed to sit quietly, and so SlowdownOneliners were born.

This is a form of Self care – which has many different connotations, some seem to really value it, some seem to see it as being ‘too wrapped up in yourself’ which is such a shame. There is a careful balance between spending too much time looking in and not enough looking out, and taking a moment to rest. Self care is a valuable tool which can help to revive and restore you. There is a time to focus on listening to your body and what really matters.

The time for this is not when you are burnt out though, thats much too late. When we stay busy and stop listening to our needs, we don‘t hear when our body is warning us. Let’s take time to slow down and listen.

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