How to create when you don’t feel creative.

How often have you heard people say “I’m just not creative” Maybe as an artist I hear that more than some others. it makes me a little sad to hear because we all have the magic in us. It just comes out in different ways.

How about those who are creative and yet go through ‘dry spells’ where words and ideas seem to have abandoned them? Those are painful times believe me!

There are so many ways to be creative and to nourish that part of you.

I know some amazing people who create images, words, dance but also people who can create atmosphere and environments that make others feel loved and welcome. People who are amazing problem solvers and others who can inspire others. These are all amazing skills and require that creative part of our brains to work hard.

So how to we build up those skills or nurture them when they are low?

I think this is a time for taking a break, removing the expectations and taking a long hard look in the mirror. What is it that makes us tick and what is it we want to do more of? Understanding our why really helps and pushes us on.

In short it‘s Time to Create!

Lucy Joy Artist - mindful art and learning to get more creative - time to create
LucyJoyArtist – time for you – journaling cards ready to be downloaded. Encouraging self care and to get you to be creative

Just get on and do it… here are a few ideas (Carve out time for you to do this, make it a time you really give to yourself and this discovery)

Create – in whichever way feeds your soul.

Take a glass of water, sit it in front of you and draw, write, decorate it etc. If your an adventurer where would you take this water? If a scientist where has it come from? If a poet write about it, or an artist recreate it. Focus on its shape, texture, colour, learn and discover everything you can about it. Let your mind be totally focused and filled with what you can experience with it.

Next – move it, take it to a different location and see how this changes it. What are the new reflections, how has the light changed it? Why and how? Keep asking questions of it. Find out all you can.

By taking time to really focus on this one very normal object, it helps to get your mind focused, quietening all those other noises and negative thoughts. You are creating just for you, no-one else and so you can experiment and play with new ideas. What will you add what will you take away?

Now explore it with all your senses – how does it feel? Smell? What does it look like? What does it sound like when you push it, ding it, bang it? What does it taste like?

This experience helps to ground you and slow you down, it cant be rushed and shouldn’t be. This is your time to explore. You can do this with lots of other objects and explore them in many ways. Taking the time to really slow down and focus is a gift you can give to your creative self. There is no pressure, it’s not an experience to share with others just simply you and your creativity exploring where you are.

I hope you have a beautiful time together and learn to nurture one another regularly.

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