Celebrating small business

As the world seems to be doing cartwheels and twirling around until it falls over we are left feeling the effects of this craziness in so many ways. People compare the whole thing to a movie or the end of the world. Which lets be honest does nothing to calm anyone’s mind. I have found days of calm quickly followed by anxious and worried ones. Finding the answer to ‘how are you doing?’ To be too tricky to actually verbalise. BUT and there is a but, there are lots of amazing things happening at the moment.

Inner Voice - Happy
We all need a good inner voice – Happy reminds us to find Joy. Created by Lucy Joy

I have so enjoyed all the creativity that is springing up all over the place. My friend who says she hates crafts has done way more crafting with the kids that I have even thought of Since this started. Small businesses are making and creating free downloads and to see the magic that the Amazing Royal Mail are creating by their determination to provide a service which for so many was taken for granted before, it has now become a lifeline. It is a wonderful thing that even when all the norms are changed there is an innate sense of keeping going and helping each other.

Aaaaand so that is what we see. A beautiful, wonderful, generous world of creatives loving and supporting each other, and encouraging others to move towards taking care of themselves in ways they had never before given the time to. I love seeing all the rainbows that are on windows, to see green ticks in windows to show people are doing ok. This is not just a joy to see folk are ok but that a wonderful imaginative group created this system to care for the community.

Necessity makes room for magic!!

Home is where the Love is by Lucy Joy
Digital download – Home is where the Love is. By Lucy Joy

SO why call this ‘Celebrating Small Business’ ? Because that is what we all need to do. To celebrate the life blood of the country, to keep these magical places going and to be grateful for a world of creatives who share their work with the risk of being rejected. It’s a hard and scary road but I like many others feel that its a vital one especially at the moment. To lighten the mood, to lift spirits and to remember that there’s so much more to life than the fear that can overwhelm.

I have been enjoying the wonderful Holly Tucker, who is the biggest cheerleader of small businesses. She is the founder of Not on the High street and Holly&co, she is a joy to speak to and listen to her fab podcast. On Friday she totally blew me away, as I had entered a competition run by Holly and Three UK – I shared my small business dream of getting a tool to create some products and amazingly I WON! Now I can not tell you the joy of not just winning but feeling supported and believed in by someone who really knows her stuff. By being supported by a wonderful array of small businesses who I know and value and who shared my congratulations, has left me utterly speechless and immensely grateful.

To be believed in makes all the difference. I am and have been for some time, working on my website and products. I will share with you and anyone who needs to see it the beauty of creating. I love to create and share and I am making some amazing new creative products to help people to get into their grove of creating. We all have the ability and we all need to learn how to quiet and calm our busy mind. So sign up to my mailing list if you would like to be the first to hear when this is ready and to get yourself some gorgeous free downloads.

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