Using creativity to help calm a busy mind, and become more mindful and intentional in our daily life.

How are you doing?

I know it’s a big question at the moment, I don’t know about you but I could give a different answer each time I’m asked. The whole range of emotions can flow throughout the day. It’s exhausting! The important thing is not to heap on guilt or worry about it, recognise the feels, let them be. This is a hard time and things are changing constantly. I have been loving a new podcast called The Therapy Edit by Anna Mathur who discusses this in depth and if you are feeling overwhelmed it’s well worth a listen.

Other than a growing love for podcasts I have been trying to practice a carful pattern of care that helps to revive and calm my mind. An intentional and mindful approach to what I need and how best to energise. It is so easy to push on and move from task to task, giving giving giving but we must not forget ourselves. This has been something I have been passionate about addressing and have a few journaling products that can help guide you (and me) through a bit of self care. I have two sets of journaling cards Time for you which has been available for a few weeks, and a new set coming out this week get early bird News and discounts by signing up to my newsletter here.

Self care gets banded around so much, there are many people sharing so many helpful tips. I truly believe we can care for our self-care through creativity and it teaches us so many things in doing it. So if you count yourself as a creative person or feel that stick men are a challenge please never count out creativity as a way to help.

This week I am going to focus on my SlowDownOneliners, they are something I worked on a while ago and for whatever reason I have done less and less of them. They are a brilliant way to come down to earth and focus on one thing, I can’t be chatting, or writing lists. I can’t stop mid way and come back to them. It is also important that I don‘t bite off more than I can chew, I won’t have hours for each piece.

Slowdown Oneliners creating mindfully everyday
Slow Down Oneliners project helping us to slowdown and be more mindful and intentional through creativity. Lucy Joy Artist

This for me teaches me so many important things….

  1. Do the work, research and prepare but then just go for it!
  2. Don’t bite off more than you can chew, your only human.
  3. Work with mistakes and keep going.
  4. Be kind , things are not always as planned but that doesn’t mean they are wrong.
  5. Concentrate – focus on whats important.
  6. Breathe.
  7. Believe in yourself.

They are all important things when I am creating, and so many helpful things in life too isn‘t it.

I encourage you to take time out and find a way to enjoy some creativity. Come and join me on instagram where I will be sharing my videos on IGTV @LucyJoyArtist and I will add some thoughts and videos in here too over the next few days and weeks. There will be opportunity on instagram to send me suggestions of what I can draw, and if I feel brave enough I might even come on a do a live video making some there.

Lots of people tell me it’s very relaxing watching the image come into being, so if that is your form of creative relaxation then let it be.

Come and enjoy some calm and quiet time with me.

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