In a crazy world how can you keep positive and find balance?

This is something I have been thinking a lot about this week with so much up in the air, we seem to be past the novelty stage of this and so many have ‘hit a wall’. I have heard from lots of people that they are finding it really hard at the moment. The on and on ness of it all is starting to make cracks and it’s hard not to wish time away.

The important thing is that we do spend this time being present in it. Not wishing it away and focusing on the future, or getting stuck in low days where we cant move from the sofa. We need to find our own ways that leave us feeling like we have made use of our day. That doesn’t have to be in doing doing doing, it could be reading that book you have always wanted, getting the rest time, or decluttering and tidying if that is what makes you happy.

It’s very easy to feel low, to feel lost and unhappy in all of this. It’s a hard time and we re all so unsure and have many feelings about what’s going on. I’d like to introduce you to my little inner voice friend here….

Inner voice character by LucyJoy
Inner voice character by LucyJoy

This little guy started his life a few years ago when I was thinking about the voices we listen to. We all have a little voice inside us, the one that chats away to us. I found that often they can be a mean voice, unsupportive and generally quite negative if we don’t keep them in check.

Each of us has a choice about which direction we send our thoughts, maybe just maybe there are two little voices inside us. One that is hopeful and positive and one negative and generally unhelpful. Maybe just maybe there is a way to care for them which leaves us empowered.

Imagine you get to choose which one you spend your time with.

Who will you invite round for coffee?

Who will you go out for a meal with?

Just because this voice is inside us doesn’t mean we can ignore it and I have learnt over and over again that I need to be determined and intentional about who I invite to my party. The negative guy always seems to push his way in but the positive one needs an invite, he wont push or fight too often.

The positive inner voice is realistic, he sees difficulties and reminds me of the hope that its not the end. Being positive is not about being in a crazy world where you only see the nice stuff, but recognising the good that you can do, focusing on what you can give over what you want.

The negative guy feels like he‘s often missing out, he sees the hard stuff as too big, he sees the faults in others and in you. He drives you to sit in the corner because you couldn’t possibly do that.

Now who will you invite to your party?

Who’s coming for tea?

We can make this choice each day. We can choose who to spend time with and direct our thoughts to what is good and right and helpful.

In this crazy mixed up world that we are living in at the moment we need to be ever more vigilant and decisive about which one of these guys we want to be around. Please remember you are not alone. If you are struggling reach out for help, don‘t be afraid to ask for help we are all human and those who have the bravery to call for help will show others the path is there and the way is available for them too.

With this in mind I have made this video, it explains my reasons behind making my inner voice character and talks about how to stay hopeful. Click the button to watch.

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