Finding calmness in a crazy time through creativity.

This week I have been embarking on a mindful journey to help calm and focus through this weird time. I have spent the week creating daily Oneliners which I have shared on social media and on video, I will share the link with you below.

I use these as a creative way to focus, with a daily goal to create and share these it has helped me be more disciplined and actually get them done. I started the project because I’d had a weird week and needed some focus for this. These simple slowdown oneliners have always been a really comforting and helpful way for me to stop all the noise in my head, concentrate on a task and let my mind rest enough to catch up.

Slowdown oneliner postbox by LucyJoy
Slowdown Oneliner – celebrating Royal Mailby Lucy Joy

To be totally honest I found these really hard for the first couple of days, struggling to find a relaxation and flow to them. This is not unusual in times like this, we can not simply turn on our ’relax‘ nction, its a muscle that needs using and warming up. I had not been creating oneliners like this for a few weeks and my mind was playing lots of tricks. Telling me things like its the wrong subject to be doing, its needs this or that, pr just to give up. Does your mind do that to you when you hit a rough spot?

Well I have also this week been concentrating on which voice I give air time to and ‘invite for coffee’ (read the previous blog post for that) . I realised that worries and uncertainties were no reason to stop and so I carried on. Today – Thursdays felt like I am more comfortable with it again. It really is helping to calm and focus my mind. I know I need to think through several things, when I make them, how I share them and what I want to do with them. All these questions are great and I will get to them, but I will not stop.

There is great benefit in setting a goal and reaching it.

There is lots to be learned through working through the hard bits.

Creativity is not a thing to be lost, its there in us all to grow and nurture.

I would encourage you , no mater how you see your creative-ness to let yourself try. You are not either creative or not, we are all able to create and we should. It lights a fire in us that very few other thing can. It may look different for everyone and maybe putting things on paper is not your style but there will be another way you express it.

What is the thing that lights your fire? The thing that helps you focus and relax?

In these crazy uncertain times we must recognise what these things are and find time to do them, allowing us to rest our busy thoughts, find focus and let your mind stop all the rushing around it does with questions, list and jobs.

It will (as I often discover, after I have forgotten again) Be hard, It will take determination and keeping a promise to yourself but IT WILL be absolutly worth it.

I believe in you !!

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