Finding our way in this new world

Hello there, how are you doing?

I realised I have not written a blog post for a couple of weeks. I’m sure you will not be surprised to hear its been a bit of a rollercoaster here, as it has for many. Finding ways that work for each family member, working out how to homeschool, home work, Bounce around together. I had this lovely moment one day when I stood in my living room and though ’I really like my family’ which might sound like a daft thing to say, of course we love our family. But lets be honest its hard to like everyone all the time, especially when you don’t get those periods of missing each other because – someone is always near by. I was so grateful for that moment and for them all.

I’m reminding myself often of the need to celebrate the little things in my day.

I hope you are doing ok, and it’s ok to need space and time from each other. I read a post the other day about a mum feeling guilty for taking her lunch on a tray and eating alone for a few days. Let’s be kind to ourselves though, we all need that, if you take some time for you don‘t feel guilty. It’s such a shame when we do this to ourselves (and the mum in the post recognised this) We need to see the value in caring for ourselves. To take that time we need will help us to be the best version of ourselves.

I’m grateful for moments of quiet.

In finding new ways to navigate this new world we live in and the changes that are inevitable as we come out of it. How will we care for our own needs in very different circumstances? How will we maintain relationships with those we miss? There are so many questions and some days they feel too big. On those days take a break, do something you enjoy and when you feel able come to them with a creative and imaginative mind, ready to find solutions or new paths.

Hug ticket stickers by Lucy Joy Artist
Hug ticket stickers – Lucy Joy Artist

For me I have found screen chatting hard, I tend to phone my parents and sister but very little video chats. Funny isn’t it, it seems to be the thing I find hard to do. Even friends I really miss, we have stuck to texting and sending silly gifs as normal instead of ringing and video chats. Maybe because we are surrounded by our kids most of the time, but I think it’s a way of keeping some normality in our worlds.

I’m grateful for friends.

One thing I am consciously trying to do is send cards and letters, I’ve wanted to find ways of sending my love to those I love. I wanted to hug my friend we saw the other day, being so near and unable to stand beside each other – physically hurts doesn’t it. I went home and made what I felt I needed, a hug ticket, a promise to hug when I see them again. It’s a bit daft because no one is going to need a ticket for a hug but I wanted to send my love and hugs some way. It’s fun though to find ways of showing isn‘t it. I have turned them into these beautiful stickers and made some hand drawn postcards too. While I waited for them I sent these wonderful bear hug cards made by Rosie Johnson to a few people the idea of sending a little version of a hug just felt so special.

I’m grateful for new ways to connect.

Sending post has been a lifeline for many hasn’t it…. The Royal Mail has been truly outstanding in all of this, our posties working hard and always with a smile. The bigger company has been keeping the nation moving and providing its of things that have been a result of more online shopping and posting to loved ones. Remember as you receive or send mail that there is an army of workers making this possible and its actually mind blowing. Since all this started I have found that I can pay for the postage for post and parcels and either have very short contact in the post office or avoid it altogether with my stock being made specifically to fit in the post box. I wouldn’t have know about this had I not needed to find new ways to use the service.

I’m grateful for those working hard to keep us safe.

When you visit my shop you might notice a change too, I have had to think though what I am selling, I want to keep social distancing a priority so I am selling more originals and A4 being the biggest page size. This way I can stay out of the post office and parcels are easy to deliver. This new life an way of working has many things I feel we must hold tight too even when life returns to being out and about.

I am grateful for learning better ways.

I hope that you can find simple little ways everyday to help you feel grateful and find the joy in where you are and what you are doing. We live in uncertain times but lets be honest the future is always uncertain so lets find a way to thrive were you are.

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