Finding a place of calm and joy – no matter the circumstance.

I am excited to come and share with you some changes that are taking place at LucyJoy HQ. What am I here and spending time here doing? Well my main aim is to share some joy and positivity with you. We live in a world that is far from perfect, each of us in a vast mix of situations, with different needs and desires. Yet you are here and I am so glad to have you. I don’t want to make a page of pleasantries but useful thoughts and tips which will be a blessing to you.

We all need to have a moment each day where we can feel recharged and refreshed and it looks different for everyone. So I come here with an idea. A way to share and talk about finding a moment of joy in each day that refreshes and recharges you. Or some it’s inning, or reading, fr me its creating. I come from that direction but plan to chat to many other with many other loves to encourage you too. Think of it as a cup of Joy for your day.

I am renaming my Blog The Joy Filled Cup.

The Joy Filled Cup
The Joy Filled Cup – blog and podcast by Lucy Joy Artist finding Joy in everyday

I want to help you find the joy in your day that fills your cup and keeps you being you. I know what it feels like to not have that, I went through a period where I wasn’t creating and I found that I wasn’t ‘myself’ , when I recognised this and did something about it I felt so different.

It takes a good friend to know you and understand what your bit of joy is and to encourage you to find it. Some people are lucky to have that person but not everyone and not all the time, unless….. How about you being that best friend, the one who knows you best and wants the best for you?

Through my blog and emails and … are you ready….. my new podcast coming soon!!

I will be sharing ways to fill your cup with joy and ways to get creative with each episode and blog so do join me and please do tell others. A good thing is always worth sharing.

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