Creating regularly and escaping the fear of failure

How creative are you?

The answer to this is often so varied, people seem to be at one of two poles… I create or I don‘t. Life seems to be that way so often doesn’t it, we go to or get put into boxes and then stay there. I want to challenge you to poke at the edges, lets see how strong they are. I promise you that you are far more than that box lets you be. So how can we be curious and opened minded and ready to move forward? Like everything we have to learn, test and try, we have to get uncomfortable and be ready to fail at times. We need to be ready to be bad at what we do so that we can learn to improve.

Lucy Joy Artist - one line art creating joy everyday . Highland cow
Lucy Joy artist one line art highland cow – creating joy everyday

It is a funny thing that we as humans are often so keen to start something new and then when we don’t succeed immediately we stop. Looking around everyone else has done it so quickly and why haven’t I? Well that is sadly not the truth. People who have ’succeeded’ have tried and tried and failed many many times. When I hear my kids talking like they are about to give up I will often remind them of their favourite biker Danny MacAskill. He is a phenomenon! The tricks he can do on his bike would blow your mind and you can literally loose a day watching his videos. The brilliant thing about them is the out takes… its not to laugh at him, because he is fascinating. He creates a trick and then goes and goes and goes at it until he masters it. That’s some dedication and really inspiring. I remind the kids … ‘Danny MacAskill didn’t give up when he tried x, y or z’ this has got us home on bike rides and got them to try things they were (like me) quick to give up as ‘just something I can’t do’.

We tell ourselves all sorts of stories about how ‘they’ are able to do stuff but I am not, we see and feel all the ugly bits of trying. The rollercoaster lows that we want to ignore. Then we see others, they are smiling and enjoying the ride. They are doing it. We choose (either consciously or subconsciously) to edit out the hard stuff and just celebrate the wins for others and the failures for ourselves.

Another person who really inspires me is Joe Wicks, I watched /listened again to an interview with him and he was right on the money. He said how he has been working hard, building his brand, sharing his passions, getting plenty of rejections but also slowly and intentionally getting known. He is a huge success and is being watched and followed by millions, but boy does he deserve it. He’s put in the leg work and now he is seeing the harvest of that work.

My point being is that be careful of the story you tell yourself and the limitations you put on things because of fear of the ugly and difficult parts of learning and growing. Getting creative can be just the same. We fear the white paper and how the thing we make wont do it justice, we fear someone seeing our mistakes, we fear mistakes, and so often we fear being proud of something others don’t like. There are so many things we can worry about when we think of making or creating. Let me encourage you in that Everyone who creates feels like that. There are many fun illustrations of artists thoughts throughout a project. Believe me it goes from happy highs to heartbreaking lows, but do you know what thats ok. We all have feelings and sometimes they are hard to express. Creating allows us to feel those feelings in a way that is not so consequential. We can get angry at a painting but it’s not going to be angry back at us, we can sob over a sketch of something, it will still be ready for you when you return.

Let’s try to move past a fear that freezes us and to an openness that allows us to learn and move forward. Let’s try to learn a determination to try and try and try again.

I will be sharing ideas and projects to get us all to be just a little more creative each day, I believe it lights a fire inside us like nothing else. Will you join me and try something new or in fact work on something that is already there its just got a little buried in life and together we can uncover its beauty.

Creativity means so many different things. As I move toward the launch of my podcast The Joy Filled Cup, I know that the range of emotions about it are in the full range. BUT I am grateful for that. I don‘t want to be ‘Luke warm’ about things, I will encourage my passions and fears and hope that through these blog posts and soon the podcast I will be able to encourage you to move to a more creative life. I am working on projects to guide you but certainly not restrict you in the possibilities.

It is ok to feel fear about starting or trying things, fear is a normal emotion, but it doesn’t have to stop you. That is your choice. What do you want to create today? Could it be a beautiful meal, a lovely photo or a written piece? Whatever is nudging you right now, take a moment and nurture it. Just a little. Little by little you will feel less and less fear and other beautiful, excited emotions can come to the surface too.

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