What is all this about Digital downloads anyway?

Our world feels like its doing cartwheels at the moment doesn’t it. With changes and new ways to do almost everything. I have been totally astounded by some of the amazing steps businesses have taken to keep serving their customers. There is a local I guess you could call it a gift shop which has been a main stay in our town for years, yet its online presence was minimal really. They have now done a wonderful shift and created a commerce website and sell on instagram in only a few short weeks. This is no mean feat. This kind of switch would normally take months. When you do see companies doing this, applaud them. They are run by people who are truly forward thinking and amazing humans in my opinion. We need independents on our high streets and to see such determination is inspiring.

I wanted to take sometime to come and share with you some of the products I have been making and how they work. I sell my work locally, and on Etsy and Amazon. So I am in the fortunate position of already being online, however the local spaces are all closed and I have been making significant changes to continue to work effectively. More about this in another blog. Today I want to share with you my digital offerings, and encourage those who are reluctant to pause and see if it could work for you. I have grown to love them very much for their speed of arrival, and the flexibility of use.

There is great joy in receiving a finished product from an artist but there is also time when this can be via digital and I believe over time this is only going to increase.

My journey with downloads started a little while ago when I began researching the best recycled and reusable packaging. My decision in the end was that actually the best answer was to avoid it completely wherever possible. So began my steps into creating digital work.

There have been two main directions this has taken, but they do have at the heart, the desire to help you to find the calm and the joy in everyday. This is a theme that runs through all my work. I love creating but I want it to mean something too, many of us are busy busy busy and can find that we are not a priority in our own lives. BUT this only leaves us strung out. The idea of ‘self care’ once felt like a way to not do things and that was a wrong idea. When we see it as an unnecessary extravagance then it absolutely gets pushed to the bottom of the pile of jobs. However, this is not a fair description at all. When we see the value in it we see the need to help us stay ‘ourselves’ and to recharge us.

One really accessible method of self care is to journal and its a method I really enjoy. I do know though that feeling of fearing the blank page, what do I write and how do I do this ‘journaling’ thing anyway? I remember researching and trying out all sorts of suggested ways. After lots fo experimenting I feel like I have found a rhythm and method that suits me. It’s a changeable one, which suits be wonderfully. When journaling we need to lower our expectations of what we will create and simply enjoy the experience.

With my experience of the panic of where to start I have begun creating ‘journal cards’ these are wonderfully flexible. This set Time For you is created with coloured backing for each card so they can be printed off, double sided and encourage some great questions and experimenting to find your method. hey help you to look at finding the joy in your day, finding your why and where to go with that and then an encouragement to get creative. All I feel are really important and will have things you take forward in your journaling experience.

The joy of the download is that you can print it off again once you have completed it. There is no fear of ruining your only copy. That in itself stops many people even starting a beautiful new book.

The cards can be used simply as cards, I have ring bound a set (the top left corner) or even used as pieces to add into your current journal. There is such freedom with them. I think this is one of my favourite aspects fo these downloads. You can use and reuse many many time. This is quite a practical set and so some ages ask you to make an aeroplane. This is easy to do when you are printing out and use it.

I have also created a beautiful collection of wall art with journal pages. These are something I also am so passionate about. They are again made to be flexible and ready for you to get creative with. You can print the wall art page off and put it up on the wall, then use the journal page to delve deeper into the piece and what strikes you about it. I think this truly makes the piece personal and you understand and develop such a deep relationship with it.

Since creating them I have discovered there are lots of others uses for them too. I use a Filofax for lots of my day to day tasks and to use to wall art pages as dividers and encouragement has been really wonderful. Printed on card and hole punched or even on paper and stuck into a journal makes an excellent divider and bit of encouragement.

Art prints and journaling pages by mindful Artist Lucy Joy
Art prints and journaling pages by Lucy Joy Artist – living mindfully everyday

You will also find a set of journaling images to stick in because this can be a brilliant way to add colour to your journaling and Bible journaling. These are space themed and ready to be printed and cut and stuck in.

Bible Journalling downloadable supplies by Lucy Joy
Bible Journalling downloadable supplies by Lucy Joy

Finally there are simple wall art images, bold and bright and ready to be stuck onto your wall and remind you of something wonderful. As with the other wall art images I have kept them black and white so that you vase the flexibility to use coloured paper if you have something that suits your room.

Home is where the Love is by Lucy Joy
Digital download – Home is where the Love is. By Lucy Joy

As you can see there is so much flexibility and opportunity to experiment with downloads. It’s a great way to use and personalise them too. It is also possible to send the file to a photo printing company and get them made onto canvas or objects if you so wish. As I’m sure you can tell I am really very excited about all the possibilities digital downloads have to offer and I hope you will join me on the journey.

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