5 things to help when you are in a slump

So you know what a slump is I’m guessing? We get those don’t we and my guess is they happen more during times of change. What are they? They are those days or periods where you just don’t feel yourself and don’t want to do the things you normally would. They don’t last too long but they feel a bit rubbish while they are around.

If your in a slump or recognising the description, you are absolutely not alone. Just this week I have read several social media posts, chatted to friends and noticed that we are all going through it. SO what can we do to help?

Now is the time to pool our knowledge and help each other. So I have gathered together some things I’ve learnt this week.


Laughter is the best medicine

LAUGH – it sounds little and unimportant but I promise you it makes a great difference. There are some brilliant sketches online and clips from comedy shows. Just go and watch them. I will admit when I first heard this I thought ‘yeah, cheers thats not what I need right now’ Then I came across this and it really did lighten the mood.

Laughter facts – Check out this article for the details and the links to the research

  • Laughter helps our bodies relax
  • Laughter helps develop relationship bonds
  • It’s good for the heart – caring for blood vessels! Wowie!
  • Laughter boosts our immune system!

That’s a pretty impressive list of benefits! I just thought I was enjoying a good giggle. So go on, have a laugh its good for you …. Peter Kay’s lyrics sketch. Friends oh friends! I also watched Justice league this week and there are some very funny bits in that!


You are so valuable

YOU – yes I know there is so much about needing ‘you time’ and taking care of yourself. We know we need to do that, we also know the recommended daily allowances but we don’t do that either so it is worth reminding ourselves. You time looks different for everyone so find what you need, not what everyone thinks you need. If its hard to think what that could be, why not try working out how to have an evening where you don’t work, or screen free time. I know I always struggle to sit still and read a book unless I’m in bed. I sat reading a magazine in the garden last week and felt terribly guilty, but it was very much worth the discomfort to find the gem. My favourite magazines at the moment are ‘Oh’ , ‘The simple things’ and ‘In the moment’ Find what you can to help you slow down a minute and give yourself time to hear your own thoughts.


help one another

LOOK OUTSIDE YOURSELF – its very easy to get busy with ourselves but taking timeout from that and looking at what we can do for someone else does wonders for everyone. Something as simple as sending a text or a phone call, writing a letter, or dropping something nice on their doorstep all can not only help you but make a massive difference to someone else. So take sometime to think about who else you can help this week. Maybe write a list of three or four people and make it your mission to do something for them.

Staying in contact with other people is so important especially at this crazy time where we don’t really have much news. There are two sides to this, don’t expect to much of other people. If they haven’t contacted you don’t hold it against them and if your finding it hard, know that you are not alone. Take little steps and just try to reach out where you can.


breathe in some fresh air

GET OUTSIDE – we hear this a lot too don’t we. Now you might be an outside person or maybe you are not but there are ways to suit everyone. I would suggest that if the outside isn’t your place of choice its time to have a chat with yourself and remind yourself of all the positives of getting out, even if its just a cuppa on the doorstep. Mentalfloss.com (what an awesome name) suggest 11 benefits to being outside. Here are a few….

  • Boosts your energy
  • Helps reduce pain
  • Boosts immune system
  • It’s easier to exercise.
  • Restores your focus

You can read the rest on their site. I would tell you something I have found, the morning light is Magical! If you are feeling weighed down with all thats going on, a walk in the morning sun will lighten your bones! We need to be focused and remember to stay active, getting outside does take us away from the house. There are many other things outside that are going on but taking even a short break from inside will help.

And now my favourite and most important – well maybe not the most


we need more silly

BE SILLY!! – there is so much going on and so many things to fill our mind. Take some time to do something that is only for a laugh. Something that will bring something good into the world, something that you can feed with your energy and just have fun. This week I made a silly video with some friends about how to make tea. It was really fun and made us all laugh. I was careful when I edited it to show people in their best light and not to be unkind to anyone with our words. It was simple, funny and silly.

The world needs more silly!

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