Stepping into a new world

Doesn’t it feel a little like that, there are so many changes going on at the moment. So much to learn and keep in mind. It’s not just the physical stuff there is a very clear mind shift going on . At the start of all of this I could see something I thought was wonderful. A new clearer understanding of the value of the Independant shops and businesses that surround and serve us. I saw to beauty of communities pulling together. Imaginative people being resourceful and creatively finding solutions to keep a sense of togetherness.

It was a wonderful change and one I felt like I would love to keep alive. I questioned many times how this could happen. We are creatures of habit and while we change now, will we change back as life returns to ‘normal’? So many people are standing up and reminding us that the normal we knew was not a good one and we should not be seeking it.

This became so ugh more real as we watched the effects of the black live matter movement. And how wonderful that the passion for change has spread. The old way was broken how will we find a new way and what will it be?

Well I am afraid I can not give you the answers, because to be honest there is so much to learn.

This is root of the issue! We are all so blind and lacking in knowledge that we didn’t see it happening or Even refused to. There is a lot to be done, but thankfully we are ready and our eyes are open to move.

How will we keep the momentum?

With decisive actions.

With promises and commitment to see and make change.

With eyes open to see whats going on, hearts open to feel one another’s pain and mind open to learn and understand.

I think with my pen and this is exactly what I did, if I’m totally honest I was unsure about sharing these designs. They were my ’workings‘ I guess you could say. But the thing is if we keep all this stuff ‘private’ and in our own minds and world the momentum goes, the discomfort lessons and change is slowed down.

So here are some designs I’ve added to t shirts.

A reminder to seek and demand change.

A commitment to change.

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