Creating amazing habits that your future self will thank you for!

This has been an epic week for me, with the launching of the podcast and seeing you guys love and respond to it has just blown me away. Thank you if you have had time to let me know how its helping you. If you haven’t had chance to have a listen then do it’s a wonderful few minutes and sets off lots of ideas.

This week we are looking at creating habits, and how to do that in a way that will last.

It’s easy for us to choose things to get started and then have too much on and get overwhelmed, so have a listen and see if you get any helpful tips to try and develop something new.

Dear future me - the joy filled cup
New episode of the joy filled cup – creating new habits

Each podcast leaves you with a creative project to get those joy muscles working. This week I want to encourage you to try at least one and see what you learn from it. From collecting things from a walk, to colouring in the printable to help celebrate your progress. There is always a way to celebrate your achievements.

I have made some downloads which you can get and use to help you with this come and find them here and how about getting yourself a Joyfully Creative Kit too.

Relative ways to record your wins - the joy filled cup
Creative ways to celebrate your wins – the joy filled cup Lucy joy artist

It’s been a great week and thank you for being a part of it, I have been joining in with the Indie roller challenge sharing different aspects of the Cup and how it came to be and is progressing. The story of this is one that I will treasure and I hope that you will know that you are a vital part and I am so grateful for your support.

Keep learning and trying new things, the Joy Filled Cup helps you to find ways to develop your skills and be the best you can be. Come and join me on Facebook and Instagram as we explore a little further. Can’t wait to see you there.

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