Taking the fear out of journaling

There is no shortage of recommendations telling you that journaling is good for your mind. However, few seem to acknowledge the fear and hesitancy to get started when you haven’t before or simple fear where to begin. I remember when I started researching how and what to journal. I looked at so many ‘methods’ it felt like my head was full and yet still I couldn’t find something that felt right, some were too prescribed and some too free. I wanted someone to tell me do this and this, but let’s be honest I probably didn’t want that either.

After lots of experimenting I have come to find a way that does work for me and a way that is flexible enough to keep me happy. Over time I have tweaked and changed it, and to be honest I think I will continue to do it as long as I am journaling – which will be forever. You see the thing is ‘journaling’ feels like a big thing, but its just writing, or drawing, putting down in a book all the stuff thats rumbling around in my head to give it space to make sense.

I must admit long gone are the days of writing the Bridget Jones style with all the detail. There is something about writing my inner thoughts down that feels a bit too vulnerable for me. So I work in a way that allows me to work through them in a way that suits me. So please read and enjoy this but if you take only one thing away please take this – journaling is as unique as you are and it should serve you and your needs and not the other way around. You can follow different guides and instructions if you enjoy it but if it feel like a chore then change, mix it up and have a break.

Joyfully creative pack
Joyful creative – taking the worry out of journaling words of intention by lucyjoyartist

I have recently started selling these journal cards, they are my flexible prompts and guides which can help with not knowing where to start. I hope they remove the fear of what to do and help to guide you and lead you to expand on them. I have already seen them being put to amazing use. Some have used just the cards to write on and with. Some have used the prompts and filled journal pages with the workings of their thoughts and created some beautiful things. That is the joy of these cards, they are flexible, they are kind, they don‘t demand you follow any rules. They are like a friend coming round for a chat, how will you work with them today?

They are called Joyfully Creative and are a monthly kit of 3 double sided journal cards, a sticker and a surprise scratch card which gives you a word of inspiration for your creative exploits for the month. I hope it will be a great benefit to those who use it, experimenting and exploring and finding brilliant ways to explore and develop skills and techniques that are a huge help now and in the future.

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