What to do when imposter syndrome comes calling, 3 ways to help fight it.

Imposter syndrome or a negative inner voice can be held accountable or many dreams that have not come to fruition. How many times have you been trying something and that little voice inside gets bigger and bigger, you work harder and harder and then when you are finally tired it gives that final nudge and stops you in your tracks?

We all have a little voice inside us that can build us up or knock us down and it’s hard to deal with it when we are low or tired. So I would encourage you that in times of goodness and growth work on building a positive inner voice that you actually want to be around.

So how do you do that?

Remember it doesn’t have power over you! Lets try to remember that it doesn’t have control of you and you do have a choice about how much time you spend with it. When you hear lies and unkind words stop them before they have chance to sink in.

Do you want to spend time with a person who speaks to you like it? Does that voice say things you would say to a friend? We have all heard these questions before but get serious and determined to take care of your mind and refuse to let the lies get comfortable.

1)Fight the voice with the truth. – far too often we hear this voice and believe it. Take some time to note down the truths. You are awesome, you are loved, you do work hard and you have grown. Write these things down, be specific and be kind.

2)Nurture your positive voice – I like to imagine its like a person who I want to spend time with, that I would invite for coffee. It’s not about telling yourself lies and building yourself up to be something you are not, but its about an attitude of gratitude that seeks to look for the good in your situation and that those around you.

3)Learn to love mistakes – that negative voice often gains power when we are at a low, these lows can come with mistakes. We are going along well and then, oops, something goes wrong and we are knocked off course. That voice runs in shouting – I told you you would fail, you never do/could/would…. whatever the words know that mistakes are a part of learning and they are what will help make you stronger. So learning to love the mistakes, to be grateful for them and to use them as stepping stones to the wonders that await you when you stick it through.

Try these out when you feel that negative voice, You can also order the Joyfully creative kit, or the fight the inner voice cards which lead you through this. Get yours here

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