Finding Joy in the unexpected

As we head towards the end of another week I hope that you have found joy in your days. I wonder though if you would say the joy came because of the unexpected, or even the mistakes or in spite of them? Often we can believe that Joy comes when it all goes right, everything goes to plan and we can look back and see a well executed plan. I wonder though if that is the only way to find joy?

Let me tell you something (I’m sure if you have followed me for any length of time this will be no surprise) but I am not a big fan of a detailed plan. Many are like me but there are many more (I believe) who love a plan and love to know the next few steps. In being around these people who need to know what you are doing tomorrow and the next day, what the weather is and whats for tea for the rest of the week, I can see there is a need for details and a desire for a plan to be carried out.

I used to be like this, I am a very visual thinker, I think in story. It’s a wonderful gift which helps me create, but it had been the cause of great heartbreak in the past.

I had been the person with the plan…

…. my plan had been seen and acted out in my head. I knew what it would look like and feel like and had almost experienced the whole thing before moving a muscle. This for me was a massive problem because, and I’m sure you wont be surprised to know, that it was always a disappointment! Things never stood up to what I had created, and even if it was ‘better’ because it was unexpected it almost always knocked me sideways and left me disappointed.

So as I write this and share my podcast about finding joy in the unexpected and in the mistakes, let me tell you it comes from some difficult lessons that I’ve learnt. Planning is great and has it’s place, but keep it in it’s place don’t let it overstep the mark and chase after your joy.

Do you know how to find joy in the mistakes and unexpected events? Do you see opportunity to grow and fall in love with new experiences? The wonderful thing about Joy is that it doesn’t demand fireworks and drama, Joy only needs you to make space for it. Make space in the moment for there to be joy, something silly, something new or even old. Joy will bring light to a dark situation because you have made space for it and not been filled with ‘plans’ and ‘shoulds’.

Try making something and allow room for the unexpected, for the recent Joyfully Creative kits I made a page of coffee stains. They were planned in a loose sense, I wanted parts of circles and smooth shapes but they needed to be authentic. So with various different pieces of paper I mixed up some instant coffee and stood a mug in it and went merrily printing coffee stains on the different papers. It was rally fun, some came out really well, others very faint. The ones I used were on squared paper and I debated trying to remove the lines but decided they were as much part of the shapes now as the coffee. This is a really simple way to make pictures and basis for things in a way that takes away our control a bit. The kit then asked you to make them into something and I cant wait to see what people do with them. Why not have a go and send me a photo.

I think its important to practice this lack of control in things. We live lives that give us so much control over things, or the idea that we have control that when we don’t it can leave us feeling, well, weird. So taking a moment from time to time to experiment with uncontrollable things is good for the soul and makes room for finding joy in the imperfect and unexpected.

Please do have a go and share with me I would love to see what you do.

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