Be the star of your own movie!

What do I mean be the star? I mean the lead, the driving force that sees the action and goes for it! This is something I have been thinking a lot about as I created my new set of Joyfully creative cards and as I interviewed Tracy from Mini Geek Boutique for the podcast.

Joyfully Creative kit helping to creatively find joy in everyday
Joyfully creative kit for September is vintage film themed, we are talking affirmations, and being the star in your own movie

Often we are happy to play the bit part and fill in, helping and doing lots of nice things fo people but don’t give ourselves permission to stand up for the thing we want to do most of all. There are many reasons for this, we don’t want to stand out too much, we don’t want to put people out too much. Some of us are people pleasers, sometimes we are jus avoiding conflict. There are so many reasons for it, what’s important is that it isn’t the set pattern for our lives.

Is there something really important to you that you are putting off or standing back from when you could be out there and getting it done?

I find this is often the case with creative life, it feels very vulnerable to stand out and show people something we have created. It is hard when we hear the voice or see the face made when someone doesn’t like what we have put out not the world.

B brave from my inner voice collection
From my ‘inner voice’ collection e brave reminds us that we just need to try. Bing brave isnt not being scared it’s what we do when we are scared. These are available on notebooks and homeware at RedBubble

Let’s be honest though – not everyone likes everything. I’m sure there are people you really respect and at the same time don’t agree completely with for everything. You know this, I’m not sharing new information but reading it or hearing it from someone else can be helpful. So take this as your moment to see that it’s ok to try something new, to take up space and put out something into the world that only you can.

This is not a demand either that you make things and share it because that feels like what you have to do, this is a thought that you could make things for you to enjoy the process of making. Thats great too!

My point is so often we squish ourselves into boxes and put limits on what we can / should / deserve to do and I’m asking you to take a moment and question them. Should they have the power in your life that you are giving them? Do You need permission slip from yourself to get moving and do something you know is made for you but its not simple?

Recently I have been chatting with Indie rollers – Leona about this with some other amazing small business buddies and a lot of us realised that we re the ones who are holding ourselves back and we need to give ourselves permission to move forward with part of our journey.

Available right now
We all need to give ourselves permission from time to time don’t we.
These are available here to give to yourself

So today I created something which started off as something for me to add to my journal and has now become a notepad that is available in my shop – a book of permission slips I can write to myself to remind myself to keep moving forward, take up space, and be the star of my own show! Will you join me?

Do get in contact email me, message on social and tell me if this has spoken to you, what are you feeling inspired to do?

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